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The Crow – Pestilence #1

“The Crow: Pestilence” #1 satisfies the reader’s taste for a good old fashioned revenge thriller. From the mind of creator James O’Barr, readers get another vengeance-driven tale from beyond the grave. Hardcore fans of the “The Crow” series will still get a kick out of the gun-toting action and stylized artwork.

Raw Dog is part of a criminal organization, named Saint Death Cult, that has been making millions off of drugs and prostitution. In Juarez, Raw Dog has been illegally transporting women from another country to the US border to serve as drug mules and call girls. Years ago, Raw Dog and his associates murdered the wrong innocent man. The mystical crow has brought back Salvador, an ex-boxer, from the grave. Nothing will stop Salvador as he plans on bringing pain and misery to the men who murdered him.

The Crow - Pestilence 001-000 The Crow - Pestilence 001-001 The Crow - Pestilence 001-002 The Crow - Pestilence 001-003 The Crow - Pestilence 001-004 The Crow - Pestilence 001-005 The Crow - Pestilence 001-006 The Crow - Pestilence 001-007 The Crow - Pestilence 001-008 The Crow - Pestilence 001-009 The Crow - Pestilence 001-010 The Crow - Pestilence 001-011 The Crow - Pestilence 001-012 The Crow - Pestilence 001-013 The Crow - Pestilence 001-014 The Crow - Pestilence 001-015 The Crow - Pestilence 001-016 The Crow - Pestilence 001-017 The Crow - Pestilence 001-018 The Crow - Pestilence 001-019 The Crow - Pestilence 001-020 The Crow - Pestilence 001-021


2 responses

  1. Steph

    I really liked the muted color scheme that was used in the “Curare” ones (last year). I’m a bit disappointed by how colorful this one is. It’s obviously a bit muted but I wish it was darker (in color). That’s quite a bit of make-up too … bordering on clownish.

    Interesting direction to take it though.

    March 13, 2014 at 11:58 pm

  2. Zman

    Overall, I see the potential for a good revenge story. I like when they play with the mythos a bit like in Curare. The Crow is best when emotion, not necessarily action provides the narrative velocity. I also hope they continue to stick with the O’Barr concept of the spirit crow visible to the dead, or a select few about to die, or perhaps just those the crow chooses to show itself too. I don’t mind the vivid coloring as I think this will be a visceral, fast paced action oriented tale. I do wish his face was marked in a more day of the dead style, given the Hispanic roots and use of vivid color. The beautiful skull artwork could underscore the brutal violence. As long as IDW keeps up a good mix, I don’t mind an action oriented story now and again. I only hope they continue to be as creative, and heartfelt as they were with Curare. I don’t want to see the franchise devolve into generic tales of revenge. The Crow’s gift is a chance for justice, but it comes with the price of the pain of remembering. The stories have been good so far, and I am curious to see where this will go. I hope they continue to aspire to the depth the concept deserves.

    March 17, 2014 at 7:42 am

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