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The Crow – Curare #2, 2013

Deepening its mystery, “The Crow: Curare” #2 follows up with another gripping instalment. At its emotional core, the narrative is in tune to its combination of police procedural and horror. Driven in sadness and revenge, “The Crow” series continues to say so much about the perils of grief and redemption.

James O’ Barr divides the revenge-driven narrative into two sections. In the first part, readers are given a hard-edged crime tale where Detective Salk is morally tested. Because this is about an innocent little girl, who was violated before her death, does this give Salk the right to cross the line between good and bad cop? At first, you’re rooting for Salk to beat up the child molester in the dark corner. But when readers discover this is the wrong suspect, you really see how self-destructive Salk has become.

In the second part, O’ Barr takes the “Crow” premise into a different direction. This isn’t a gun-toting dark avenger coming back from the dead. Trapped in the body of a little girl, Carrie is an echo of her true self. Though years have passed, Carrie still speaks to Salk like a little girl because she hasn’t grown up. She’s not there to haunt Salk as a ghost, but rather to serve as a second chance at hope.

Detective Joe Salk’s obsession with the dead girl escalates into fury and misguided rage, as hints of the child’s identity are revealed. A bitter rain becomes a hurricane of violence and sadness.

The Crow - Curare 002-000 The Crow - Curare 002-001 The Crow - Curare 002-002 The Crow - Curare 002-003 The Crow - Curare 002-004 The Crow - Curare 002-005 The Crow - Curare 002-006 The Crow - Curare 002-007 The Crow - Curare 002-008 The Crow - Curare 002-009 The Crow - Curare 002-010 The Crow - Curare 002-011 The Crow - Curare 002-012 The Crow - Curare 002-013 The Crow - Curare 002-014 The Crow - Curare 002-015 The Crow - Curare 002-016 The Crow - Curare 002-017 The Crow - Curare 002-018 The Crow - Curare 002-019 The Crow - Curare 002-020 The Crow - Curare 002-021 The Crow - Curare 002-022 The Crow - Curare 002-023 The Crow - Curare 002-024 The Crow - Curare 002-025 The Crow - Curare 002-026 The Crow - Curare 002-027 The Crow - Curare 002-028


2 responses

  1. Choos

    GAH the third and last issue seems to have vanished from the schedule.

    This is such a tear jerker of a story and has me on the end of my seat.

    September 21, 2013 at 10:11 pm

    • The 3rd instalment has not been released as of writing this and will be posted upon release

      September 21, 2013 at 10:15 pm

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