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The Crow – Skinning The Wolves #3, 2013

In issue three of Skinning the Wolves The Crow confronts The Commandant and the scenes between the two are wholly satisfying.  With The Crow the reader has established that The Crow cannot be killed, and in this the audience is looking not for a simple revenge killing, but an experience of retribution and revelation.  In this Skinning the Wolves #3 delivers.

TC-StW-03-000 TC-StW-03-001 TC-StW-03-002 TC-StW-03-003 TC-StW-03-004 TC-StW-03-005 TC-StW-03-006 TC-StW-03-007 TC-StW-03-008 TC-StW-03-009 TC-StW-03-010 TC-StW-03-011 TC-StW-03-012 TC-StW-03-013 TC-StW-03-014 TC-StW-03-015 TC-StW-03-016 TC-StW-03-017 TC-StW-03-018 TC-StW-03-019 TC-StW-03-020 TC-StW-03-021 TC-StW-03-022


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