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The Crow #2 2012

This is a Pre-Release of The Crow new series from IDW 2012:

“Death, My Revelation.” The Crow has been reborn in blood and loss through something that may be worse than death. Displaced spirits, torn from their living bodies, wander Tokyo as the mystery deepens. The Crow is on a mission of vengeance, his samurai sword splashing blood… but he must also uncover hidden truths as he penetrates level after level of secrets within the shadowy corridors of Biotrope… and the dark recesses of a mysterious island off the coast of Japan.
John Shirley, novelist and co-screenwriter of the original movie, writes an action-packed issue filled with violence and multiple kills. Though the art is rough and muddled at times, the dark tone suits the character and setting appropriately. I’m sure the body count will continue to rise in the next issue, but – more importantly – I’m interested in seeing where the story goes from here.