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The Crow #1 2012

This is a Pre-Release of The Crow new series from IDW 2012:

The comic book, which explores its own unique storyline from the film, is set in Tokyo, Japan where the Crow returns in the guise of a foreign exchange student named Jamie Osterberg. When Haruko, the love of his life, is stolen away from him, Jamie must search for answers–ones that turn deadly, and transform him into the spirit of vengeance, the Crow! With a sword that seeks truth, the Crow hunts down those responsible for this crime, discovering a web of horror that may lead him to kill his one true love.

































Hero Illustrated #013 page 70 – 71

This is Hero Illustrated #013  (July 1994)
This was a price guide and news magazine all on comics, in this issue was a really good interview with a few different people involved in making The Crow.

Hero Illustrated #013