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The Crow – Flesh and Blood # 1, 1996

A crime torn from today’s headlines. Vengeance ripped from a nightmare.

The haunting and violent saga of the first woman crow.

The Crow: Flesh & Blood is the new graphic novel in the series begun by James O’Barr with the crow, the haunting saga of death and revenge made into the internationally acclaimed film starring the late Brandon Lee. This powerful new Crow saga is by the award-winning creative team of James Vance, and European comic and graphic artist Alexander Maleev. By James O’Barr, Alexander Maleev, James Vance

This saga of violent retribution is set against the spectacular background of the western mountains in which Iris Shaw, a federal conservation officer, dies when her office is dynamited by a ragged band of right-wing terrorists. Her tortured soul cannot rest because, not only was she unjustly murdered, at the time of her death, she was an expectant mother. Raised from her coffin by the crow who answers her thirst for justice, Iris exacts a terrible vengeance on the leader and his gang.

This is the 1st Issue in this series




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