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The Crow # 0 by James O’Barr and Others 1998

Though numbered “Zero,” this was the first of what was to be a new series of Crow  stories by creator J. O’Barr along with guest artists and writers. O’Barr himself contributed the front cover and Fifteen new pages of Eric art and text:

“The Crow” (6 pgs)

“October” (2 pgs)

“Shadowplay” (1 pg)

“She Smiles in Pain and Glory” (2 pgs)

“Spine of the Snake” (1 pg)

“Three Dreams from ‘The Book of Dreams'” (3 pgs)

Other contributors include: John Wagner, Alexander Maleev, James Vance, Phil Hester, Jerry Prosser,       Christopher Golden and Charles Adlard, all of whom contributed to earlier Crow spin-off comics. The Crow#0 was published in December 1998 and publisher Kitchen Sink Press died in January 1999, so this was one of its very last publications. 


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  1. Mr.Cornix

    Very great! I enjoy every CROW-Comic and I had actually bought all Comics, but you´re
    Site is very very good because I´m from Germany so here I can read all Originals in English! Thanks!!! 🙂

    November 3, 2014 at 12:13 pm

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